MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter Shipping Updates

Hi, Guys –

I’m glad to hear so many of you are posting when you receive your premiums from our Maggie The Cat Kickstarter. 

The reason some of you waited so long for your packages is that the person in charge of fulfillment suffered a major medical incident and was hospitalized for a short time. I’m relieved to say he’s recovered nicely and went right back to packing and shipping the last of our premiums. That’s why so many of you received yours just this week. 

I’m told there have been a few discrepancies in the contents and I want to assure you we will make good on every single item. Contact us and tell us what you’re missing and we’ll take care of it.

I appreciate your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what we can do to improve all around.

Thanks again for your support,



Hi, Guys –

Due to the tremendous response to my LEGION OF SUPERHEROES SKETCHBOOK which was offered during the Maggie The Cat Kickstarter campaign, we’re pleased to announce that it will be offered on Mark Ryan’s THE PILGRIM Kickstarter as an add-on bonus. It will only be offered as a crowd-funding premium.




Hi, Guys –

I just got a look at Steve Scott’s inks over my poster layout, which is available as a premium on Mark Ryan’s THE PILGRIM Kickstarter. HOLY COW! 

I’ve always admired Steve’s talent, but this is just so far beyond anything I expected. The truth is I was sort of dreading having to ink this myself, but Steve absolutely knocked it out of the park.



Hi, guys –

Anyone who has read Mark Ryan’s memoir HOLD FAST or is familiar with his tarot systems THE GREENWOOD TAROT and THE WILDWOOD TAROT knows that he speaks with firsthand experience in matters military and occult. He’s also a hell of a storyteller.

When he first told me the story of THE PILGRIM over what I seem to recall as a campfire and more than a few doses of a quality beverage unavailable to younger folks, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. That’s because it’s not some fantasy conceived of myth, but reality based on actual events.

If you knew the things Mark told me–which are historically and scientifically accurate–you might find yourself re-thinking your world view.
Since we first began work on THE PILGRIM, the world has changed in ways no one could have predicted… except Mark did. Ten years later, the story seems almost ripped-from-the-headlines. You only have to listen to the news to know how bizarre things have gotten — what was once ludicrous is now the norm. We can no longer say, “Oh, that could never happen” because stranger things are happening every day.

If I keep babbling on I’m liable to give something away, so I’m going to shut up except to say you won’t believe what’s coming next… but you should.

I can hardly wait.


MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter is Shipping

Hi, Guys –

I just wanted to let you know that the Sable bonus book is off the presses and we are in the process of shipping packages to our backers. 75 boxes have gone out already and should be arriving within 2-7 days. I still have a few sketch covers to complete over the next couple of days, so those of you who are getting them will receiving your packages a few days later. Naturally, overseas shipping takes awhile longer.

I want to thank everyone for your support and patience as we stumbled, bumbled and fumbled our way through our first Kickstarter. We learned a lot along the way – what works, what doesn’t and, especially, what to avoid in the future as we move into the next phase for Masterstroke. Some great things are coming and you made it happen.

We’d love to hear from you when you get your packages — send video if you can. You can post to social media or write a note to this site and we’ll try to include as many as we can in a letter column in Maggie The Cat Volume Two.

In addition, my pal Mark Ryan is launching a Kickstarter for his brilliant project THE PILGRIM, scheduled to begin March 6, 2020. Those of you who have contributed to Maggie The Cat and also join The Pilgrim Kickstarter at a level of $50 or more will receive an exclusive bonus and one lucky person is in for a big surprise.


3D Jennifer Morgan by The Master

An amazing 3D by the master. Todd Reis has been doing these for almost as long as I’ve been doing comics and I have a number in my collection. 



Hi, guys –

I’m pleased to announce that the Sable bonus book for the Maggie the Cat Kickstarter is finally complete. I received the lettered pages from John Workman today and we’ll be going to print before the end of the week.

As you are aware, this has been a much longer process than anyone planned for and just to cap things off I got hammered by a flu bug that managed to get a toehold and hung on for over a week with a little extra kicker at the end that had me worrying about a relapse. Getting old ain’t for sissies.

I want to thank everyone who stayed in my corner and kept the faith even when mine started to waiver. I’m finishing the last personalized sketch covers today and tomorrow and we’ll give you a heads up when we begin final shipments.

Best regards,


Kirk Douglas passed away yesterday at the age of 103. Another of my heroes gone, but not forgotten. 

I used Kirk Douglas in a pointed discussion with my old pal Julie Schwartz regarding the age of comic heroes. Julie insisted that none of DC’s heroes were over 30  and I pointed out that Travis Morgan was 43 when The Warlord began because Kirk Douglas was 44 when he made SPARTACUS and it was pretty clear he could kick Batman’s butt. From then on, I made it a point to have all my characters age as their stories went on.

One of my favorite movies is the 1958 classic THE VIKINGS. If you wonder what effect it had on me, go back and take a look at The Warlord’s helmet — it’s a modification of the one Douglas wore into battle. After watching the Funeral scene, I told my mom I wanted to have a viking funeral. She pointed out that I’m Italian/English/Welsh. It doesn’t matter — a few years ago I had a 5 foot wooden viking ship built to hold my ashes as I sail off into my own end credits.

103 years is a good long run. Few of us will match it and almost none will leave as lasting a mark as Kirk Douglas.

Rest in peace.


Here’s a Christmas tale from my childhood:

It’s 1951. I’m four years old… just… and my brother Bob has gotten special permission to take me to school with him to see Santa Claus. Now, at four all I know about Christmas is a tree and a bunch of toys that show up overnight. But I’m getting the idea…

See, there’s this fat old guy who lives at the North Pole who has a bunch of elves working for him–little people with pointy ears (I just survived Halloween, so I know about goblins)–and they go around and spy on little kids to see if they’ve been bad (I’m sunk already) or good (fat chance), so be good, for goodness sake! Oh, yeah, and he sneaks into your house when you’re sleeping! Just like a burglar!!! You better watch out!!!!!

I used to lie awake staring into shadows and imagining I saw little goblin creatures peeking at me. I never passed a fireplace without checking for a fat guy up the flue.

Comes the big day and off to school I go with my big brother, who is in the third grade. Everybody is talking about Santa Claus… The fat guy. You better watch out!!!!

Then comes the sound of bells jingling outside in the hallway. You better watch out!!!

And here he comes, the fat guy himself, dragging a huge sack. What’s in that thing, bad little kids? I mean, did he get that fat from eating little kids??? Ho Ho Ho!

All the kids line up and I’m standing there with my brother holding me by the hand to keep me from bolting because he and I both know I’ve been anything but good and I know damned well I’m going in that sack. You better watch out!!!!

And here we are and it’s my turn to sit on Santa’s lap. Bob picks me up and sets me down on Santa’s knee and I look up into a face straight out of a Stephen King nightmare. Ho Ho Ho!

Santa is wearing one of those old painted masks made out of stiff cloth, only it hasn’t been packed very well, because over the years it’s acquired a bunch of dents. Like someone smacked Santa in the face with a ballpeen hammer. And his eyes don’t line up with the holes. Ho Ho Ho!

“Have you been a good little boy?”

Hell no! Lemme outta here! I kick and scream bloody murder.

Realizing the nature of my panic, Mrs. Doyle tries to explain that this is only the janitor, acting as Santa’s helper. The old guy takes his off mask…

Holy crap! He peeled his face off!!!!!! 

I’m gone. Straight under the teacher’s desk.

Eventually, the guy with the removable face leaves, and Mrs. Doyle tries to coax me out, but I’m no fool. I can hear bells in the hallway and I know he’s going to the other classrooms. Ho Ho Ho!

Back under the desk.

Then I get the bad news… it’s not even Christmas yet. Santa Claus is coming to town!!!! I want to warn the kids… You better watch out!!!!

But then I figure maybe he’ll eat them instead of me and he won’t be hungry anymore. 

And that’s how you get to be a cartoonist.

Merry Christmas! You better watch out!!!



Anthony Scaramucci with his special commission! It was quite a challenge drawing so many great American heroes.


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