Hi, guys –

Yesterday marked my 50th Anniversary in comics. Thanks to my great pal Scott Hoverman of 3 Alarm Comics in Biloxi, MS and the conniving of my righthand man Jeff Messer, we did a Streamyard broadcast of the event, which will be available to watch on Youtube or through the 3 Alarm site.

I was blessed to have so many friends join in, guys I seldom see in person but always hold dear to my heart.

The highlight for me was when my son and granddaughter, Torrin (born the same year as Starslayer but the name–Torrin/Torin–is purely coincidental… or prophetic, if you like. We didn’t meet until he was 6 years old, but I’m claiming him darn it) and Piper Miller joined in. Piper is 9 and just competed in her first gymnastics event, winning a medal! If I sound overly proud, that’s an understatement. Even better, Torrin wrote and read a tribute that continues to make my heart swell with love and joy every time I read it. 

I’ve always been proud of Torrin, I just never realized how much that went the other way.

It’s the greatest anniversary gift I could ever have hoped for. I’m sharing it with all of you here.


In the realm of comics, where shadows and ink converge, stands a titan named Mike Grell. For half a century, he’s chiseled tales of heroes and anti-heroes onto the unforgiving canvas of creativity.

His legacy is a symphony of storytelling and artistry, from his iconic work on “Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters,” redefining a character, to his artistic prowess in “Legion of Super-Heroes” and “Warlord.” Let’s not forget the series I saw go from mind to matter “Shaman’s Tears”.

Amidst his creative maelstrom of life, Mike or Papa Mike as his granddaughter knows him, echoes the duality of his art – taking on many of life’s complexities while crafting narratives as stark as the landscapes he illustrates.

So, here’s to Mike Grell (Dad), the maestro of comics, an artist whose ink has left an indelible mark on the medium for five remarkable decades. His work, like a timeless melody, continues to inspire and captivate.

Love you!
Torrin Miller

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