A taste of what’s coming your way In Jon Sable, Freelance “RULES OF THE HUNT”, the untold story of Sable’s first case… and nearly his last. 

An African hunter in the concrete jungle sets out after the deadliest prey.

MAGGIE THE CAT – The Presses Are Rolling

Well… this has certainly been an adventure. I’m pretty sure my MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter was plotted by the same guy who wrote RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK — it started off gangbusters and then took a bunch of unexpected twists and turns. Things are finally running smoothly and the presses are rolling. 

We’ll be announcing ship/delivery dates in about a week. 

Meanwhile, by way of thanking you for your patience while we crawled through the pit of snakes and ran from the giant boulder, I’m adding another exclusive print to the package for everyone who pledged above the PDF level. This one is my illustration for the cover of my SABLE hardcover novel which was published in July 2000 and features some particular architecture which were sadly destroyed a little more than a year later. This is the only time this print will be offered.
Thanks again for keeping the faith. 


Mike Grell Original Art Commissions

Scott Kress at Catskill Comics is the exclusive agent for Mike Grell commissioned art. Fans looking for comic art originals or wishing to commission a special piece for their wall can contact Scott at:


Guys –

I want to thank everyone for your continued patience as we fumble our way through what’s turned out to be a far more complicated process than anyone anticipated, compounded by a tragic death in my family that threw me into a tailspin. 

Books and prints are going to press as I write this and our fulfillment team is standing by to pack and ship. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the PDF copy of MAGGIE THE CAT we’re sending along with this note.

To show my gratitude, everyone who contributed above the PDF Only level will receive a special MAGGIE THE CAT print which will only be available to backers of our Kickstarter. I hope this in some small way helps make the wait worthwhile.

Thanks again for all your support.


Digital Warlord Art

HOLY COW! That’s really amazing! — Mike

Art by John Gallagher,

For Mike Grell Original Art & Commissions, contact


So, this is what happens when you become a better writer.

When we first decided to launch a Kickstarter for MAGGIE THE CAT, I was excited at the chance to tell the story I really wanted to tell, which is to say the story that evolved over a couple of rewrites of my screenplay based on the original graphic novel. Along the way, I learned a thing or three about good storytelling and was blessed with input from some generous folks who pointed out that something was missing. That something turned out to be another character to give Maggie more depth and conflict (as if saving the world from a deadly terror plot wasn’t enough) in her personal life and her interaction with her SAS liaison Ryan James.

What began as a sort of female James Bond became an intricate web of dangerous relationships more Hitchcock than Fleming and a story that I’m very proud of. Then came the hard part: fitting all that new material and nuance into the 10 pages I had allotted myself.

It didn’t fit. I tried and tried to cram all the new elements of the screenplay storyline into 10 pages and just couldn’t do it and do justice to the material.

Then I realized that, with our new format of 64 pages, I didn’t have to worry about a break at a certain point and I could simply tell the story as it needed to be told in however many pages it took (within the 64- page limit of course). That’s the point where The Writer took over. I scrapped the condensed version and concentrated on good storytelling.

Unfortunately, The Writer didn’t consult with The Artist and I found myself faced with not 10 but 15 new pages of story to draw. Which brings us to this point.

I had originally planned to have the book in the hands of all our contributing partners by the end of June, but we now find ourselves pushing to get it shipped by then. Pages are at the colorist and letterer and everyone is working their… um… brains off, especially my team at MasterStroke Studios who’ve backed me from the beginning.

I apologize for the delay, but I think you’ll agree that telling the story right is more important. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Meanwhile, I’m sending along a teaser that will introduce you to a character who will challenge and tempt Maggie in ways she and I never dreamed possible.


“Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser” nominated for Eisner Award at San Diego Comic-Con

The Two Morrow’s book “Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser” by Jeff Messer and Dewey Cassell is nominated for an Eisner Award at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Voting is open to any comic industry profession until June 14 at  Vote for the Eisner Awards!


I couldn’t be more proud to announce that the folks who bring you MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will be assaulting your senses in 700 theaters across the country on June 6th and 11th, 2019.

STAR RAIDERS: THE ADVENTURES OF SABER RAINE– which co-stars yours truly in a role (the one with all the exposition dialogue) fought over by everyone else who knew the director well enough to avoid being part of this production–will be the vict… er… subject… of a special assault… um… celebration… which will be coming to a theater near you!

For more information, follow the link below and enter your zipcode to find the theater nearest you.

Next stop: The Oscars!

Missing first day Of Ottawa Show due to flight issues

Our flight is delayed so long we can’t make our connection in Philadelphia so they are rebooking – which means I will miss the first day of the Ottawa show. Regrets! 

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