We lost an industry giant today. Ramona Fradon began her career in 1950 and continued to draw until her recent retirement in 2024. Her first regular assignment for DC was AQUAMAN, something we shared with some amusement, especially when she took over the BRENDA STARR comic strip for Dale Messick a few years after I left the strip to begin working in comics. We never did figure out who was following who.

Ramona was the perfect choice for Brenda Star because she was so much like Dale herself, the same artistic drive, the same vivacious personality, the same twinkle in her eye. We once spent the night sleeping on the floor of the Minneapolis airport, but so did several hundred other stranded travelers. We used to say life on the road made us feel like gypsies, wandering around and occasionally bumping into each other in the oddest places.

Ramona passed away today at the age of 97. She and her art agent Scott Kress of Catskill Comics announced her retirement in January, 2024 having been one of the longest working artists in the business with a body of work spanning almost 75 years, including METAMORPHO, SUPER FRIENDS. AQUALAD and PLASTIC MAN.

The road just got lonelier.

–Mike Grell

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