Mike Grell’s Masterstroke imprint proudly announces JON SABLE FREELANCE Deluxe Hardcover Omnibus Volume 2

This picks up where Volume 1 left off, with issues 14 – 27, newly remastered and in an over-sized format (think DC Absolute Editions), making this the biggest and best presentation for JON SABLE.

This series of Deluxe Hardcovers is designed to be the definitive editions of JON SABLE’S iconic adventures.

The Masterstroke team are thrilled to be launching the new campaign, which will be the first one we’ve done that won’t be impacted by the Pandemic. It will be a thrill to be able to fund, print, and ship this one without the hassles and headaches we endured over the past 3 plus years since Masterstroke began. And we’ve learned a lot and have already implemented vast improvements to how we do things, so that operations will be much, much smoother.

We hope that the book will be ready to print by late October and are already reserving time for the production.

And, we have a lot more in store. There are some great new things we will be announcing in the coming weeks and months, that will surely get Sable and Grell fans super excited.

The biggest of which is that instead of packing stretch goals with lots of little trinkets and items, we are using the stretch goals to actually fund the creation of brand-new pages of Sable and Maggie The Cat by Mike Grell. That’s right, the more we raise, the more pages of the next brand-new projects that will be funded.

A planned new Sable Rules of The Hunt #2 is planned, and Mike is set to begin art for Maggie’s conclusion. As well, and most exciting, if we can raise enough funds, some of them will be used to let Mike begin work on drawing pages of issues of the original Jon Sable run that he didn’t originally draw! Issue 44 -56 were drawn by other artists originally, and for the definitive release, we want to get Mike to pencil some of those tales, with Stephen Scott (and perhaps others jumping in to help with inks to finish the pages).

This new campaign will run a full 30 days and promises to be a fresh new path for Masterstoke and Mike with an eye towards setting the table for Mike to be able to begin work on brand new adventures for fans!

By the time this project is funded, we will be approaching Mike’s 76th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to continue this hardcover series, and fund Mike’s creation of new works. Heck, we’re actively talking about a ten year plan for more Sablem Maggie, Pilgrim, Shaman’s Tears, and a whole lot more.

This new project is a major fresh start, and a doorway into some big things yet to come!

LINK TO KICKSTARTER: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mikegrell/mike-grells-jon-sable-freelance-deluxe-hardcover-vol-1-and-2

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