I’m still in shock from the news that Denny O’Neil has passed away. We were friends for almost fifty years and his death is a gut-punch that still has me reeling. He gave me my whole career, starting when I first read Green Lantern/Green Arrow when I was in Saigon in 1970. His writing woke me up to what comics could really be and started me on this path.

Meeting him for the first time was an absolute thrill, and working with him was an ongoing education. I learned more about good writing by drawing the stories Denny wrote than all the English lit classes put together. Everything I’ve done can be traced back to Denny’s influence.

I was honored to have the opportunity to work with him one last time for the Green Lantern 70th Anniversary book on a short story featuring Green Arrow that he wrote especially for me. I noticed that, in the last panel, he wrote the words: THE END.

Right now all I can think of is how fortunate I was to have had him for a mentor, collaborator and friend.

He was my hero.

           –Mike Grell

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