Hi, Guys –

We’ve had to do some interesting juggling to deal with the changes in our world since the pandemic disrupted just about every aspect of daily life, including the closing of borders, which has led to a serious glitch in our plans to ship to our Canadian backers.

To avoid shipping cost of $47+ per package, our original plan was to have one of our guys, who lives in Detroit, simply drive across the bridge and mail them from the Canadian side. Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible, but a little Yankee ingenuity has solved the problem.

This week, we shipped a large container of pre-addressed packages to pal in Canada who will ship them on our backers across the border. We’re also making arrangements to do the same for our backers in Europe and the UK, so that, barring any local delays, everyone should have received their premiums by the end of this month or shortly thereafter.

If you are in the US and have still not received your premiums–or if anything is missing from your package–please let us know immediately so we can correct the situation. A few of you have already notified us of a couple of missing items, which were shipped out over the weekend.

I appreciate you support and patience. Stand by for further announcements regarding our next steps and what the future holds for Masterstroke!


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