Hi, guys –

Anyone who has read Mark Ryan’s memoir HOLD FAST or is familiar with his tarot systems THE GREENWOOD TAROT and THE WILDWOOD TAROT knows that he speaks with firsthand experience in matters military and occult. He’s also a hell of a storyteller.

When he first told me the story of THE PILGRIM over what I seem to recall as a campfire and more than a few doses of a quality beverage unavailable to younger folks, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. That’s because it’s not some fantasy conceived of myth, but reality based on actual events.

If you knew the things Mark told me–which are historically and scientifically accurate–you might find yourself re-thinking your world view.
Since we first began work on THE PILGRIM, the world has changed in ways no one could have predicted… except Mark did. Ten years later, the story seems almost ripped-from-the-headlines. You only have to listen to the news to know how bizarre things have gotten — what was once ludicrous is now the norm. We can no longer say, “Oh, that could never happen” because stranger things are happening every day.

If I keep babbling on I’m liable to give something away, so I’m going to shut up except to say you won’t believe what’s coming next… but you should.

I can hardly wait.


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