MAGGIE THE CAT – The Presses Are Rolling

Well… this has certainly been an adventure. I’m pretty sure my MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter was plotted by the same guy who wrote RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK — it started off gangbusters and then took a bunch of unexpected twists and turns. Things are finally running smoothly and the presses are rolling. 

We’ll be announcing ship/delivery dates in about a week. 

Meanwhile, by way of thanking you for your patience while we crawled through the pit of snakes and ran from the giant boulder, I’m adding another exclusive print to the package for everyone who pledged above the PDF level. This one is my illustration for the cover of my SABLE hardcover novel which was published in July 2000 and features some particular architecture which were sadly destroyed a little more than a year later. This is the only time this print will be offered.
Thanks again for keeping the faith. 


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