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Scott Kress at Catskill Comics is the exclusive agent for Mike Grell commissioned art. Fans looking for comic art originals or wishing to commission a special piece for their wall can contact Scott at: www.catskillcomics.com

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James Bond Radio Podcast – Mike Grell Interview – The Comic Books of Bond – Permission To Die


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PLEASE POST AND PASS IT AROUND – Adrian Paul’s “The Artist Spotlight” podcast (featuring Mike Grell)

Guys –

My pal Adrian Paul (HIGHLANDER) sent this and asked that I spread it around. A couple of years ago, his regular stunt dummy… er… partner couldn’t make it and he drafted me into helping out with his Sword Experience. It was a blast and something I’ll never forget.

When he asked me to do his podcast, I was more than happy to jump in. If you tune in, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Best regards,

Link to Patreon exclusive podcast: https://www.patreon.com/swordxp

Link to Sword Experience: https://swordxp.com


“TRICK OR TREAT” By Mike Grell © 2020

Growing up in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin, I never saw TV until I was 8 years old. We didn’t get one until I was 11. When I told that to an audience of school children at the local library a few years ago, one wide-eyed little guy in the front row said, “What did you watch???!” 

Our local theater closed down in 1956 with the arrival of television in town and those of us fortunate enough to have parents with jobs had to wait for weekend trips out of town and out of state to theaters in Michigan or be satisfied with the feeble signal (mostly snow) you could draw from Channel 6 in Marquette, MI. 

In those days, watching TV mostly involved one of the older kids climbing up onto the roof and turning the antenna while everyone in the living room shouted instructions at him: “Stop! Go back! Too far!” My brother Dick spent a lot of evenings balanced on one foot, hanging over the edge of the roof, clinging to the antenna for dear life.

My buddy Joe’s folks owned a tavern with a TV set and a second TV in their apartment above. The antenna was mounted on the roof, which meant it was tall enough to draw signals from as far away as Green Bay, WI, a hundred miles away. That meant one thing: SHOCK THEATER!

While Joe’s mom and dad were busy tending bar downstairs, we were upstairs watching the greatest monster movies in Hollywood history for free! Beyond the reach of parental supervision, we got to watch classics like FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA. THE WOLFMAN and the one that made Joe’s eyes sort of glaze over: THE MUMMY!

Staring at Boris Karloff’s dry, flaking flesh and his mouldering wrappings, Joe’s brain formed a plan which he immediately put into action. Somewhere around the 4th of July, he began stealing bedsheets from his mom’s laundry and shredding them into strips. His plan for suitable makeup was to glue oatmeal to his hands and face, which seemed an absolutely ingenious idea to me at the time and made me jealous that I hadn’t thought of it first. I settled for using my mom’s eyebrow pencil to turn myself into something resembling a crayon drawing of the Wolfman.

Suppertime in the Midwest was 5PM. The rules for Trick or Treating were 1: No Trick or Treating until after supper (5:30PM); 2: No Trick or Treating after 9PM unless the porch light was still on. At the stroke of 5:30 every kid in town made a mad dash for the east end of town where the “rich” folks lived, because some of them were known to give out a couple of dozen caramel apples and, if you were late, you got a popcorn ball. Then we’d hit the businesses, known to hand out Hershey bars and Baby Ruth’s the size of a police billy club. After that, it was a mad dash to cover the rest of the town, which really wasn’t all that difficult, since the town was about seven blocks long and six or so wide. Joe was to rendezvous at our house and we’d set out to loot the town.

When 5:30 came and went with no sign of Joe, whose house was half a block away, we waited for about three whole minutes before abandoning him altogether and setting out on our own.

That was in the days before climate change brought the first Halloween snow (which brought costumes big enough to fit over snowsuits), which meant temperatures were up in the high 60s and with all the running we did, you had no problem staying warm.

That night was eventful for a couple of reasons, partly because someone among the older high school kids got the bright idea that it would be the most excellent prank to roll the rusted wreck that sat behind the Gulf station out into the middle of the alley. The motor and transmission had been removed, along with the doors, hood, seats and a lot of other stuff, so it wouldn’t have been difficult, except that the tires and wheels had also been stripped off. Not to worry, there’s little that twelve or fifteen aspiring juvenile delinquents can’t accomplish when they put their minds—scratch that, I should say backs—into it.

Maybe it was the chants: “One, two, three…heave!” or the crashing sound of that old wreck rolling over and over for a solid five minutes until it came to rest in the middle of the alley that gave us away. In any case, as we stood around admiring our handywork, a voice cut our celebration short” “Okay, boys. You can put it back now.”

Busted! Red Johnson, the town constable had been standing there watching from the start. There was no use running because Red knew every kid in town. Worse, he knew all our parents.

Let me tell you, it took twice as long to roll that old wreck back into its original position. When I left town to join the US Air Force, it was still there.

Nowhere in all the evening’s festivities did we see hide or hair of Joe. 

By 8:30 we had sacked the whole town and returned home to spread our loot out on the living room floor and divide it up into categories according to which we’d devour first—big candy bars first followed by anything chocolate and working our way down to toffees, jawbreakers, bubblegum and, last, hard candies which were organized in similar order: red first, then purple, then orange, then yellow and (last of all) green. Green candy didn’t taste like anything but green and was reserved for desperate times when all the rest of your Halloween candy had run out. Sometimes we’d have green candy leftover at Easter. Thank God for the Easter bunny.

We had long since forgotten about Joe when, around 8:45 a frantic banging on the door brought us out of our chocolate-induced stupor. BAM BAM BAM!

It was Joe, wide-eyed and frantic. He had a strip of bedsheet wrapped around his head, his arm in a bedsheet sling and weird patches of oatmeal stuck to his hands and cheeks. “TRICK OR TREAT!” he yelled. “TRICK OR TREAT!!”

“Joe! Where have you been? What happened?” 

“I don’t know,” he said. “I was doing my makeup and I smeared airplane glue on my face and hands and started to rub oatmeal on … and… and… I fell asleep and Halloween’s almost over! TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

There were still a few porch lights on here and there around town and we could hear Joe’s running footsteps fading into the night followed by frantic knocking and his cry: “TRICK OR TREAT!!!”

We felt so sorry for the poor kid, we gave him all our green candy.


I’m still in shock from the news that Denny O’Neil has passed away. We were friends for almost fifty years and his death is a gut-punch that still has me reeling. He gave me my whole career, starting when I first read Green Lantern/Green Arrow when I was in Saigon in 1970. His writing woke me up to what comics could really be and started me on this path.

Meeting him for the first time was an absolute thrill, and working with him was an ongoing education. I learned more about good writing by drawing the stories Denny wrote than all the English lit classes put together. Everything I’ve done can be traced back to Denny’s influence.

I was honored to have the opportunity to work with him one last time for the Green Lantern 70th Anniversary book on a short story featuring Green Arrow that he wrote especially for me. I noticed that, in the last panel, he wrote the words: THE END.

Right now all I can think of is how fortunate I was to have had him for a mentor, collaborator and friend.

He was my hero.

           –Mike Grell


Hi, Guys –

We’ve had to do some interesting juggling to deal with the changes in our world since the pandemic disrupted just about every aspect of daily life, including the closing of borders, which has led to a serious glitch in our plans to ship to our Canadian backers.

To avoid shipping cost of $47+ per package, our original plan was to have one of our guys, who lives in Detroit, simply drive across the bridge and mail them from the Canadian side. Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible, but a little Yankee ingenuity has solved the problem.

This week, we shipped a large container of pre-addressed packages to pal in Canada who will ship them on our backers across the border. We’re also making arrangements to do the same for our backers in Europe and the UK, so that, barring any local delays, everyone should have received their premiums by the end of this month or shortly thereafter.

If you are in the US and have still not received your premiums–or if anything is missing from your package–please let us know immediately so we can correct the situation. A few of you have already notified us of a couple of missing items, which were shipped out over the weekend.

I appreciate you support and patience. Stand by for further announcements regarding our next steps and what the future holds for Masterstroke!


Convention Appearances


3Alarm Livestream Sat May 2 11AM-7PM CST

Hi, Guys –

As you all know, Free Comic Book Day has been postponed indefinitely. I was originally scheduled to appear at 3 Alarm Comics in Biloxi, MS but, as we all know, the world has changed rather dramatically and who knows when we’ll be able to get together in person again.

Not to worry! My buddy Scott Hoverman–owner of 3Alarm by day and fire-fighting hero by night– has arranged for me to “appear” via Livestream Saturday, May 2, 2020 beginning at 11AMCST and running  until 7PMCST. I’ll be dropping in and out throughout the day to talk about my upcoming collaboration with Brian Michael Bendis on a special jam on The Legion Of Superheroes #9 and show you a peek at some of my latest work, including pages from my collaboration with Denny O’Neil on the 80th Anniversary issue of Green Lantern!

Scott runs a wacky ship and you never know who’ll drop overboard… er.. by for a chat. Please joins us at the link below for a chance to  break out in the middle of the outbreak. Distance doesn’t count between friends.
Stay safe and God bless, 


Livestream – NOON CST on Sunday

Mark Ryan and I will be doing a livestream with Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic at NOON CST on Sunday hosted by my pal Scott Hoverman of 3Alarm Comics in Biloxi, MS. 

Mark is a the creator/writer of THE PILGRIM, which has just completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund completion of series which originated ten years ago. Among his many stage and screen accomplishments, Mark starred in the original cast of EVITA on London’s West End, the ROBIN OF SHERWOOD TV series and provided the voices of Bumblebee, Jetfire and Lockdown in the TRANSFORMERS movies. 

If we pull this off, it will be my first SUCCESSFUL livestream. I qualify that because two previous attempts failed miserably and left me participating by logging into the chat line while the other guys did all the heavy lifting. This time, I have the promise of folks who have volunteered to hold my hand and guide me gently into the 21st century. 

We’ll see how that works out.

I hope you’ll join us TOMORROW, Sunday at NOON CST at the link below.

See you there… I hope…




Yes! Here it is! The Mike Grell Sketchbook! Magazine size (to match the look and size of the Legion Sketchbook) and chock full of Grell goodness! Rare, exclusive black and white and color plates comprise this collection.

This was originally a final stretch goal for the Maggie The Cat campaign last year. We barely missed hitting that goal, and have since then wanted to figure out a way to publish this beauty.

If this is half as popular as the Legion Sketchbook, it will be a runaway hit! And, we’ll have to start planning the second volume for a future campaign!

So, here’s the deal: Add $35 to your current pledge, and message us to let us know you are adding the Grell Sketchbook. It’s that simple. No limit! You can add as many copies of this great collection as you wish!

We’re limiting this to the first 50 fans (you can still order more than one copy, but only the first 50 people to respond will get a chance at this book!)

24 hours to go! We can do it!


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