Mike Grell Original Art Commissions

Scott Kress at Catskill Comics is the exclusive agent for Mike Grell commissioned art. Fans looking for comic art originals or wishing to commission a special piece for their wall can contact Scott at: www.catskillcomics.com


It’s my great pleasure to announce that Shaman’s Tears will become an audio movie podcast with production starting next summer and broadcasts expected to begin in winter, 2023.

Shaman’s Tears will be produced by Jack Bowman of AudioMarvels and Lance Roger Axt of Pocket Universe Productions, whose other projects include The X-Files, EC Comics Presents and Starstruck, in conjunction with Native Voices at the Autry Museum of the American West under the Artistic Direction of DeLanna Studi. Native Voices is devoted to developing and producing new works for the stage by Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and First Nations playwrights. The company has been hailed by critics as “a virtual Who’s Who of American Indian theatre artists” and “a powerful and eloquent voice.”

I will be working with Choctaw writer Desmond Hassing to adapt Shaman’s Tears into an audio-rich fully immersive setting, complete with a full cast, epic scoring and cinematic soundscapes.

Joining Jack on directing duties will be Roshan Singh, a Webby-nominated screenwriter, composer and creator of the audio drama Temujin.

Handling crowdfunding and outreach is The Fantasy Network, which has a stellar reputation for bringing fans and creators together, empowering both to produce amazing film, video-on-demand, and now, audio fiction including the first season of Elfquest. 

Jack Bowman had this to say: “Mike is nothing short of a legend in the comic industry, so to say it’s been daunting… to not only be asked to help bring Joshua to life outside of these iconic comics for the very first time, but to also then make a good first impression when meeting Mike so he’d let us! It shows you how seriously we’ll be taking Shaman’s Tears in 2023, and Mike has been nothing but incredibly gracious and supportive. When Lance first gave me a copy of Shaman’s Tears to read back in 2021 and asked what I thought about making it a podcast series, I was blown away. It’s clever, brilliant, thrilling, timely, timeless and a story that needs to be told again. And where better to be brought to life than audio? “

Lance Roger Axt said: “I have been a fan of Mike’s work for years; moreover working with the actors, writers, and musicians associated with Native Voices at the Autry at an audio conference in 2006 was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had as a voice artist and audio dramatist. So for the opportunity to bring everyone together in telling the stories of Joshua Brand and the Bar Sinister is truly the best of all possible worlds.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am. We didn’t have TV when I was a kid, I never saw one until I was 8 years old and we didn’t get one until I was 11, but we had radio. Listening to those great old shows, I never dreamed the day would come when I could tune in and hear my own stories brought to life. This is gonna be GREAT!

Stay tuned for regular updates – bookmark shamanstearsaudio.com


For immediate release [Washington State Summer Con]

Hi, guys-

Sorry to say I will not be able to attend Washington State Summer Con this weekend due to health issues. I was hospitalized for a couple of days due to an infection in my left elbow caused by—get this—LEANING ON MY DRAWING BOARD!

Sorry Ito disappoint my fans but the con organizer has assured me the welcome matt is still out and I will be there sooner or later. 

Getting old ain’t for sissies. 


Life is drawing with no eraser

Mike Grell on “The BARON EARLS”, Wed June 1st, 2022

CANCELLED: Megacon Orlando

Hi, guys –

I’m sorry to announce that I’m forced to cancel my appearance at Megacon Orlando due to ongoing effects of Covid. As of yesterday, I was still testing positive after nearly two weeks and running a temp of 100.8. I’m sorry to disappoint  the organizers and my fans, but it’s just not worth the risk of traveling–contagious or not–and ruining what’s left of my health.

The good news is that I spoke to show organizer Kevin Boyd and I’m officially the first confirmed guest for 2023. I hope to see you all there.


New Shows


I’m deeply saddened to hear the news of George Perez passing. He was a wonderful guy and a great artist who left a lasting mark on the medium of comics. His professional dedication and drive were matched by his courage and grace under fire during these last few months.

Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him had the chance to see a guy who found joy in everything he did and was glad to share it with others. 

Another chair in the Hall of Heroes.

All I can think to say is… well, shit.


– – –

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Neal Adams RIP

Losing our legends… again. 

This is a tough one. 

When I learned that Neal Adams passed away Thursday it was a punch in the gut. 

We weren’t friends. For most of my career I don’t think we even liked each other. But I wouldn’t have had a career if not for Neal.

In 1970 I was an illustrator in the US Air Force stationed in Saigon when a guy named Ed Savage arrived in country with a stack of his favorite comics, including GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW by Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. I instantly knew the kind of work I wanted to do. 

When I broke into comics three years later it was because I had learned to draw in something resembling Neal’s style, which had come to dominate the industry like Jack Kirby a couple of decades earlier. 

I was fortunate to be in the DC offices in 1975 when Denny announced he was going to resurrect the GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW title and I stepped into my dream job. I don’t think Neal ever forgave me for that, but I told him I would never have been in this business in the first place if not for him. 

Many years later we achieved a kind of peace because of an act of kindness by Neal’s son Joel. Watching me and my wife Mary struggling to set up a display at a convention, Joel stepped in and volunteered his own display and even helped us set it up. 

I went to Neal and complimented him on having raised a fine son with so kind and generous a heart. Joel learned that from his dad who always fought for the underdog.  From that moment, my relationship with Neal changed. Not a lot, but enough. 

Later, I was able to publicly thank him for everything his body of work had meant to me and I think our relationship changed again. 

When I learned of his death, I  was stunned. I still am. The thing I hate about getting old is having to write obituaries for all the people who have touched my life. 

We are losing our legends. The Hall of Heroes is filling up too fast. 

So, off you go, Neal.  Ask Denny and Dick to save me a seat.


Life is drawing with no eraser

Sex, Spies, & Rock ‘n Roll

Mike at GalaxyCon last week, sketch based on characters from Jeff Messer’s Sex, Spies, & Rock ‘n Roll graphic novel project. Modelled after Mike’s James Bond: Permission To Die #1 cover.


Guys –

Here’s a peek at the special Sable Kickstarter poster in various stages. As you can see, it evolved a bit as I began working figures into the shapes created by the design. I then did detailed studies of the various elements before combining them and painting in guache.

I hope you enjoy this peek into the process.



Hi, Guys –

Here’s an advance peek at the art for the cover for the JON SABLE, FREELANCE OMNIBUS coming shortly from Masterstroke Studios.

More announcements to come!


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