The MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter has been rescheduled to launch on Friday at 6 PM EDT.



I’m sorry to say the much anticipated launch of my MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter did not come off as planned, due to a last minute glitch in the system that prevented us from going live.

Not to worry, we’re regrouping and will reschedule the launch very soon with additional premiums for everyone to help alleviate the disappointment. We’ll be posting updates as soon as we have everything worked out.

Stick with me and I won’t let you down.

Mike Grell’s Maggie The Cat claws her way back into action!

Launching on March 15, Mike Grell’s first Kickstater campaign will go live just as he appears at Emerald City Con in Seattle. Grell lived in Seattle for many years, and it is always like a homecoming when he returns. What better place to launch the return of his unfinished series MAGGIE THE CAT!

Originally slated to launch on March 1, the Kickstarter was pushed back to coincide with Emerald City Con, and to allow for more time for Grell and his team to make sure they had everything just right for the campaign. Incentives galore await fans.

Along for the ride are:

  • Harley Quinn fan favorite artist CHAD HARDIN has provided a Kickstarter Exclusive cover, as well as a stunning wraparound cover that will only be available during our Jumpstarter the weekend of Emerald City Con. That’s right – only 48 hours to nab this rare gem. Grell is also doing a wraparound cover for the first 48 hours. After that, both covers are gone!
  • Steve Scott (Batman, Indiana Jonesand more) provides a sultry variant cover, and goes a step further, offering a tasteful nude variant. Grell is doing a nude cover as well, and both of those are very limited.

Original art, sketches, and a host of other items are being offered, including a chance to be drawn into the book as a background character as well as a deluxe chance to appear on the page being killed in action! The folks who jump on board with those exclusives will also get copies of the original art pages in which they appear.

MAGGIE THE CAT will be a 64 page Comiczine-style book. Yup, staples. Originally the project was announced as a square- bound book format, but upon further examination of the dynamic two- page spreads Grell had created, the idea of compromising the art (which would be partially lost at the center of the page to accommodate the square-bound format) was something Grell and his collaborators decided was not worth it. So, they decided to go with a 64- page giant Comiczine (a term they coined to describe this new take on the traditional format) so that fans could fully view those wrap-around covers and two-page spreads.

Volume One will collect the first two issues of MAGGIE THE CAT–originally published by Image Comics in 1996—and will include a revised and expanded storyline based on Grell’s own Maggie screenplay along with TEN NEW PAGES OF STORY AND ART as well as behind the scenes details and extras that will make this a 64-page treasure trove. Volume Two follows later this year will be funded via a subsequent Kickstarter campaign.

Stretch goals (once the initial funding is locked in) include some amazing Grell treats, including an all new JON SABLE, FREELANCEblack and white ashcan comic (though further stretch goals will get it up-sized to regular size, colored and additional pages) featuring a never-told Jon Sable adventure! Sable himself will appear in MAGGIE THE CAT Volume Two.

Also, Grell is unleashing some great treats for his Legion of fans: 

  • A set of LEGION OF SUPERHEROES sketch cards!
  • An exclusive LEGION SKETCHBOOK containing never-before-seen art from his vast archives of commission pieces and rare gems. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are plans to make more major announcements during the Kickstarter campaign about other Grell creations and long-ranging future plans that will launch a full Grell Universe!



I’ll be in Artist Alley on the 6th floor, Table KK-6.

The link below has a map to help you – looks like I’m straight ahead at the top of the escalator.


See you there!

Pensacon 2019 in Pensacola FL on Feb 22-24th

I will be appearing at Pensacon 2019 in Pensacola FL on Feb 22-24th. They have an exceptional lineup of comic and celebrity guests this year.

Look for me on the main floor next to the 3 Alarm Comics booth.

See you there!

MAGGIE THE CAT Logline and Synopsis

This is a logline and synopsis I wrote for my screenplay, which is an expansion of the graphic novel story featured in my upcoming Kickstarter. Elements of the screenplay are being melded with the original comics to complete the storyline begun so long ago. Since then the world has changed and Maggie has changed along with it, becoming a far more complex and interesting character.
LOGLINE: The American widow of a philandering British nobleman turns cat burglar to steal back the family jewels and becomes a pawn in an international terror plot. Pressed into service by the SAS and teamed with a top British agent, she becomes the perfect clandestine operative – an outsider, deniable, expendable.

SYNOPSIS: When American model MARGARET LYONS married British Lord Geoffrey Greymalkin, she thought she would be living a fairy tale like Princess Grace.  Instead, she becomes tabloid fodder like Princess Diana after her cheating husband dies in a car wreck with his latest mistress. Hounded by the press, she is dubbed MAGGIE THE CAT.

All that remains of her husband’s once vast estate is Glenn Claymore, a ruined Scottish castle where Maggie lives alone, attended by ANGUS MACALLAN, an old reprobate with a shady past who plays butler, trainer and Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle, polishing her rough edges while honing her skills as a master thief.

Maggie sets out to steal back the expensive jewels her husband gave his many mistresses, but the British government gains evidence of Maggie’s illegal activities and blackmails her into working with the SAS. 

Maggie is teamed with deadly undercover asset RYAN JAMES, whose public profession as a stage actor allows him to be in “interesting” parts of the world without raising suspicion. As Maggie’s handler, he has his hands full trying to curtail her larcenous tendencies while directing her clandestine activities on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Their turbulent relationship is complicated by an underlying mutual attraction and resentment of the fact that it’s Ryan’s job to send Maggie into danger.

Maggie’s first assignment is to steal a priceless painting in an attempt to ferret out a terrorist mastermind before he can execute his final masterpiece of murder.


“I’ll retire when they pry my pencil from my cold, dead fingers.”

–Mike Grell

There are big things happening for comic book legend Mike Grell and his legion of fans.

As one of the pioneers of creator-owned comics, Grell wrote and illustrated some of the industry’s most popular independent titles. Including Jon Sable, Freelance, Starslayer, Shaman’s Tears, Bar Sinister and Maggie the Cat.

Maggie the Cat, the story of a lady cat burglar pressed into service by British Intelligence, first appeared in the pages of Jon Sable, Freelanceand has continued to make guest appearances over the years, but Maggie’sown title ran only two issues before falling victim to the industry-wide crash of the ‘90s and fans have long hoped to see the story completed.

The wait is over.

Grell announced plans to launch a Kickstarter to fund the completion of the unfinished Maggie the Catseries with new pages and elements from Grell’s finished screenplay added to the original issues which will be repackaged as a 64-page deluxe square-bound book. It will be followed later in the summer by a second 64-page volume, concluding the action-packed tale with a special guest appearance by Jon Sable, Freelance.

The perks are pretty epic too: Variant covers from comic fan favorite Chad Hardin (Harley Quinn) and Stephen B. Scott (Batman, Indiana Jones) will be offered as exclusives to Kickstarter along with art prints, T-shirts, original art and even the chance to be drawn into the story as a character.

Not only is this Kickstarter launch a collector’s dream come true, it’s the ultimate package for fans of Mike Grell.

Stay tuned for more details.

Here’s a Christmas tale from my childhood

It’s 1951. I’m four years old… just… and my brother Bob has gotten special permission to take me to school with him to see Santa Claus. Now, at four all I know about Christmas is a tree and a bunch of toys that show up overnight. But I’m getting the idea…

See, there’s this fat old guy who lives at the North Pole who has a bunch of elves working for him–little people with pointy ears (I just survived Halloween, so I know about goblins)–and they go around and spy on little kids to see if they’ve been bad (I’m sunk already) or good (fat chance), so be good, for goodness sake! Oh, yeah, and he sneaks into your house when you’re sleeping! Just like a burglar!!! You better watch out!!!!!

I used to lie awake staring into shadows and imagining I saw little goblin creatures peeking at me. I never passed a fireplace without checking for a fat guy up the flue.

Comes the big day and off to school I go with my big brother, who is in the third grade. Everybody is talking about Santa Claus… The fat guy. You better watch out!!!!

Then comes the sound of bells jingling outside in the hallway. You better watch out!!!

And here he comes, the fat guy himself, dragging a huge sack. What’s in that thing, bad little kids? I mean, did he get that fat from eating little kids??? Ho Ho Ho!

All the kids line up and I’m standing there with my brother holding me by the hand to keep me from bolting because he and I both know I’ve been anything but good and I know damned well I’m going in that sack. You better watch out!!!!

And here we are and it’s my turn to sit on Santa’s lap. Bob picks me up and sets me down on Santa’s knee and I look up into a face straight out of a Stephen King nightmare. Ho Ho Ho!

Santa is wearing one of those old painted masks made out of stiff cloth, only it hasn’t been packed very well, because over the years it’s acquired a bunch of dents. Like someone smacked Santa in the face with a ballpeen hammer. And his eyes don’t line up with the holes. Ho Ho Ho!

“Have you been a good little boy?”

Hell no! Lemme outta here!I kick and scream bloody murder.

Realizing the nature of my panic, Mrs. Doyle tries to explain that this is only the janitor, acting as Santa’s helper. The old guy takes his off mask…

Holy crap! He peeled his face off!!!!!!

I’m gone. Straight under the teacher’s desk.

Eventually, the guy with the removable face leaves, and Mrs. Doyle tries to coax me out, but I’m no fool. I can hear bells in the hallway and I know he’s going to the other classrooms. Ho Ho Ho!

Back under the desk.

Then I get the bad news… it’s not even Christmas yet. Santa Claus is coming to town!!!! I want to warn the kids… You better watch out!!!!

But then I figure maybe he’ll eat them instead of me and he won’t be hungry anymore.

And that’s how you get to be a cartoonist.

Merry Christmas! You better watch out!!!



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Mike Grell art lesson, stories, and Robin Hood sketch

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