“Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser” nominated for Eisner Award at San Diego Comic-Con

The Two Morrow’s book “Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser” by Jeff Messer and Dewey Cassell is nominated for an Eisner Award at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Voting is open to any comic industry profession until June 14 at  Vote for the Eisner Awards!


I couldn’t be more proud to announce that the folks who bring you MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will be assaulting your senses in 700 theaters across the country on June 6th and 11th, 2019.

STAR RAIDERS: THE ADVENTURES OF SABER RAINE– which co-stars yours truly in a role (the one with all the exposition dialogue) fought over by everyone else who knew the director well enough to avoid being part of this production–will be the vict… er… subject… of a special assault… um… celebration… which will be coming to a theater near you!

For more information, follow the link below and enter your zipcode to find the theater nearest you.

Next stop: The Oscars!

Missing first day Of Ottawa Show due to flight issues

Our flight is delayed so long we can’t make our connection in Philadelphia so they are rebooking – which means I will miss the first day of the Ottawa show. Regrets! 


Peter Mayhew was a part of the lives of everyone who grew up in the Star Wars era and his death leaves a black hole in the hearts of millions.

He was a friend from the road – one of the many folks who meet in the gypsy life of convention tours. Some come and go without making much of an impression, but Peter had a genuinely warm spirit that came through even when covered in fur.

We had a running gag we’d do whenever we met up. I’d slip into his line and say, “Gee, Mr. Mayhew, when I grow up, I want to be just like you – tall… and with hair!” Peter would say, “That’s never going to happen because you’re never going to grow up.”

No. But I feel old today.

HOME STRETCH – $40,000

Maggie The Cat Kickstarter Update Apr 16

‘Maggie The Cat’ Kickstarter update — video message from Mike

Toledo artist who created paint-by-numbers pictures dies

Toledo artist who created paint-by-numbers pictures dies

God bless this man! His invention introduced me and my mom to painting. Her first set was ducks on black velvet (still in the family collection), mine was Zorro.

My last excursion into the realm of paint-by-numbers was an exhibit at Utah Valley University’s Woodbury Art Museum where Chad Hardin organized a show called HEROES AND VILLAINS: HOW MYTH MADE COMICS. Artists were asked to draw a series of panels depicting mythic characters and their evolution into modern day comic book heroes. Each panel was enlarged to 4’x6′ and printed on canvas. Chad had a professional colorist make color guides utilizing a palette that was matched to paint markers. 

Then the magic happened.

Visitors were handed the color guides and markers and invited to paint the canvases. When I attended the opening reception, most were only partially completed, but the results were stunning. Whole families would “adopt” a canvas and Mom, Dad and the kids would spend hours transforming black & white drawings into full color paintings. it was the most successful show in the museum’s history and there’s talk of taking it on the road to other museums and maybe even a comic con.

Dan Robbins deserves a big THANK YOU from everyone who wished they could paint and found a way to do it by the numbers.

Tired of telling your kids to not draw on the walls? This Utah art museum encourages it | Deseret News



For those of you who are fans of SHAMAN’S TEARS, SABLE and BAR SINISTER, please keep the faith!

This MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter is just the beginning of an all-encompassing “Grell Universe” that will include all your favorites – PLUS- some amazing projects you’ve never seen before.

You stuck with me and I’m sticking with you. 

Support MAGGIE THE CAT on Kickstarter.com.

Maggie The Cat stretch goal 2

UPDATE: For those of you who asked for clarification:

Once we reach our STRETCH GOAL 2, anyone who has pledged $50 or more to the MAGGIE THE CAT Kickstarter will receive the JON SABLE. FREELANCE 10 page B&W Kickstarter Exclusive Comic as a premium.

This is a new story and will be a major part of the Jon Sable lexicon.

Written and illustrated by ME.

I’ve always seen SABLE as a character best viewed in black and white — with shades of grey — and this story is the perfect venue to show fans what he always should have been.


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