This is the piece I did for the HERO INITIATIVE WONDER WOMAN 100 benefit book. I had a lot of fun with this, as you can see. It’s mixed (very!) media – pencil, oil, watercolor, spit, sweat and whatever else was at hand.

I hope you like it.



On a day when so much is happening, it’s possible most folks will overlook the passing of actor Miguel Ferrer (son of Academy Award winner José Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney and cousin to Actor George Clooney) who died at 61 this morning following a long battle with cancer. Not me.

I met Miguel just after he appeared in ROBOCOP and instantly liked him, especially when I told him I thought it was a star-making performance and he said he was initially disappointed at being cast as the main antagonist. “I was hoping I’d get to play the guy who got melted by toxic waste,” he said.

Funny guy.

And talented. Miguel appeared on CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” for seven seasons and starred in TWIN PEAKS, CROSSING JORDAN, TRAFFIC and IRON MAN 3 among many others, He also provided voices for a number of animated features and TV shows, such as MULAN and THE BATMAN You can look him up on IMDB for a full slate of his screen performances.

The night of Jack Kirby’s 70th birthday party at San Diego Comicon, we were at a table with Bill Mumy (LOST IN SPACE), artist Steve Leialoha and writer Max Allan Collins among others and the conversation turned to music. Somewhere along the line, the suggestion was made that they all get together and play, just for the hell of it. I said I was sure the con would love to have them do a show. The next year, SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT made their first of many appearances with Bill on guitar, Max on keyboard, Steve on bass and Miguel on drums.

I was telling that story just a few days ago, remembering the days when it was just fun to be part of a gang of friends who might only see each other once every few years, but who became part of each other’s lives and memories. Friends never forget.

God speed, Miguel.

2017 is off to a bitch of a start.

–Mike Grell

Mike Grell returning to GREEN ARROW in 2017

I’m pleased to announce that I will be returning to GREEN ARROW in 2017, just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of THE LONGBOW HUNTERS! I will be drawing a dozen variant covers for the series, which is published bi-weekly by DC Comics.

As anyone who is following this page already knows, GREEN ARROW has always been my favorite comic character and it was the GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW series by Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano that inspired me to get into the comic business. After having drawn both characters in backup features, I was fortunate enough to have been in the DC offices when Denny announced he was resurrecting the title. I marched straight into his office and said, “Okay, who do I have to kill?”

A dozen years later, I returned to Green Arrow with THE LONGBOW HUNTERS, which led to the first series with the character starring in his own title and, ultimately, to the CW series ARROW.

And now I’m home again.

Now, if I can just talk DC into letting me write the book… and a hard-cover edition for the 30th anniversary of THE LONGBOW HUNTERS would be nice… and a pony… and a Red Ryder B.B. gun…


Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA July 20-23, 2017

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been invited as Special Guest at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA July 20-23, 2017. This will be my first trip back to SDCC since 2009 and I’m very excited to meet with fans to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS and discuss new developments we’ll be announcing at the show. I look forward to seeing you there.

As always, pre-orders for sketches to be picked up at the show may be placed through my art rep Scott Kress at www.catskillcomics.com


DAN Anderson as Warlord

BRYAN ENGEL and Cassie Wagle

Brainpower Climbs USA Charts

Last spring I attended the Dutch Comicon in Utrecht, Netherlands where I had the great pleasure of meeting Gertjan Mulder, known in the music world as Brain Power. We hit it off immediately and struck up a friendship based on mutual admiration and a love for big hats. I was excited when King Brain asked me to draw the cover for his upcoming single “ALL THE SAME”.

His concept for the art was simple but difficult to accomplish: nine faces on a square grid, all different races but all inherently the same. We settled on the eyes being the focus, since, after, they really are the window to the soul. At first I was flattered, then challenged, then frustrated and, ultimately, just so proud to be part of this important message at a time when the world seems focused on what separates us rather than what unites us.

Follow the link below and be sure to scroll down to the animation – lyrics by Brain Power, music by Orange Grove and Brain Power, who also played keys on the track. The man is amazing.


LINK HERE: http://dutchcultureusa.com/blog/3318/brainpower-climbs-usa-charts

New convention dates for October (this month!)

It has come to my attention that the Coolwaters Productions website does not have the latest information on my upcoming shows. Time is very short on a couple of them.

Here’s the latest:

OCT 14-16

Saturday and Sunday
October 22nd and 23rd, 2016
McClellan Conference Center
(I’m confirmed, but there’s no sign of me anywhere on their website)

As always, advance sketch orders may be placed with my art rep Scott Kress at www.catskillcomics.com


Melbourne, Australia appearance cancelled

I just learned that the Melbourne, Australia show has cancelled my appearance due to loss of major sponsors. I’m sorry to disappoint my Australian fans, as it’s been about 25 years since my last visit. I’m looking forward to rescheduling at some point in the near future.


[Video] Green Arrow sketch for Benson at Ottawa Comicon

Green Arrow sketch for Benson at Ottawa Comicon


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