Livestream – NOON CST on Sunday

Mark Ryan and I will be doing a livestream with Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic at NOON CST on Sunday hosted by my pal Scott Hoverman of 3Alarm Comics in Biloxi, MS. 

Mark is a the creator/writer of THE PILGRIM, which has just completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund completion of series which originated ten years ago. Among his many stage and screen accomplishments, Mark starred in the original cast of EVITA on London’s West End, the ROBIN OF SHERWOOD TV series and provided the voices of Bumblebee, Jetfire and Lockdown in the TRANSFORMERS movies. 

If we pull this off, it will be my first SUCCESSFUL livestream. I qualify that because two previous attempts failed miserably and left me participating by logging into the chat line while the other guys did all the heavy lifting. This time, I have the promise of folks who have volunteered to hold my hand and guide me gently into the 21st century. 

We’ll see how that works out.

I hope you’ll join us TOMORROW, Sunday at NOON CST at the link below.

See you there… I hope…

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