Hi, guys –

I’m very excited that my pal Mark Ryan has decided to resurrect his brilliant project THE PILGRIM with a Kickstarter campaign planned to launch sometime in late January, 2020. I had the pleasure of working with Mark on the original series, which was first released as a web comic in 2008 before the publisher fell victim to the economics of the time. 

Based on a real-world British counter-intelligence program from WWII, The Pilgrim tells the story of an entity created from pure mental energy to become the perfect clandestine warrior. During the London Blitz, the house where the experiment is taking place is bombed and the entity is set free. Decades later, this wanderer begins to remember his origins… and his purpose. The world has changed, but forces of evil are eternal. 

At the time publication was suspended, we had completed 55 pages of story and art with another 11 pages scripted and penciled. Mark’s plan is to run a Kickstarter to fund the completion – inking, lettering, coloring –of the existing material with additional pages added to round out the package in the first of a two-part graphic series. 

Due to prior commitments, I will be working with top notch artist Stephen B. Scott ( who will be providing finishes to my existing pencils as well as the framing sequence that will form the bridge between the original series and the continuing story going forward. Steve’s work on the adaptation of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT and Neil Gaiman’s THE GRAVEYARD BOOK are just the tip of his creative iceberg. 

Look for more news on THE PILGRIM after the first of the year.


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