Letter to Kickstarter Backers

Hi, Guys –

First off, I want to thank you all for your continued support and patience as we stumble and bumble our way through this whole process. 

Yes, there have been numerous delays — some of them related to production, some due to a far steeper learning curve than anyone anticipated and some due to plain fumbling the ball. I take responsibility for all that–whether I was directly involved in that aspect of the whole operation or not–because my name is on it.

Meanwhile, I give you my word that the individuals who have already received their packages were not the highest investors, as some folks have assumed. Just the opposite. Due to production/printing issues, they were the folks who had pledged at lower levels because their packages contained far less material than the upper levels. We felt it important to deliver what we had on hand as soon as practical, rather than delay until everything was completed. I’m very sorry it gave the impression anyone was being singled out for favoritism. I swear to you that’s not the case.

My crew and I are working hard to get everything wrapped up and hoped to have everything shipped ahead of the holiday crunch, but that may not be the case as we’re still digging out from the double-barreled winter storm that hammered us this week. Fortunately, power has been restored and storm-damaged trees have been turned in to firewood.  We’ll be posting regular updates to keep you informed.

To show my appreciation for your patience, those of you who have not yet received your premiums will be getting an extra special bonus print in your package. Reproduced from the original art, the cover for JON SABLE, FREELANCE #2 represents my artistic epiphany, a dramatic turning point in my style. This image was offered briefly in 2018 to mark Sable’s 35th Anniversary and I consider it to be my all-time best. 

Again, I appreciate your support and welcome your feedback; it will help me avoid the same pitfalls going forward. And I apologize for not personally keeping everyone informed every step of the way.


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