Mike Grell’s Maggie The Cat claws her way back into action!

Launching on March 15, Mike Grell’s first Kickstater campaign will go live just as he appears at Emerald City Con in Seattle. Grell lived in Seattle for many years, and it is always like a homecoming when he returns. What better place to launch the return of his unfinished series MAGGIE THE CAT!

Originally slated to launch on March 1, the Kickstarter was pushed back to coincide with Emerald City Con, and to allow for more time for Grell and his team to make sure they had everything just right for the campaign. Incentives galore await fans.

Along for the ride are:

  • Harley Quinn fan favorite artist CHAD HARDIN has provided a Kickstarter Exclusive cover, as well as a stunning wraparound cover that will only be available during our Jumpstarter the weekend of Emerald City Con. That’s right – only 48 hours to nab this rare gem. Grell is also doing a wraparound cover for the first 48 hours. After that, both covers are gone!
  • Steve Scott (Batman, Indiana Jonesand more) provides a sultry variant cover, and goes a step further, offering a tasteful nude variant. Grell is doing a nude cover as well, and both of those are very limited.

Original art, sketches, and a host of other items are being offered, including a chance to be drawn into the book as a background character as well as a deluxe chance to appear on the page being killed in action! The folks who jump on board with those exclusives will also get copies of the original art pages in which they appear.

MAGGIE THE CAT will be a 64 page Comiczine-style book. Yup, staples. Originally the project was announced as a square- bound book format, but upon further examination of the dynamic two- page spreads Grell had created, the idea of compromising the art (which would be partially lost at the center of the page to accommodate the square-bound format) was something Grell and his collaborators decided was not worth it. So, they decided to go with a 64- page giant Comiczine (a term they coined to describe this new take on the traditional format) so that fans could fully view those wrap-around covers and two-page spreads.

Volume One will collect the first two issues of MAGGIE THE CAT–originally published by Image Comics in 1996—and will include a revised and expanded storyline based on Grell’s own Maggie screenplay along with TEN NEW PAGES OF STORY AND ART as well as behind the scenes details and extras that will make this a 64-page treasure trove. Volume Two follows later this year will be funded via a subsequent Kickstarter campaign.

Stretch goals (once the initial funding is locked in) include some amazing Grell treats, including an all new JON SABLE, FREELANCEblack and white ashcan comic (though further stretch goals will get it up-sized to regular size, colored and additional pages) featuring a never-told Jon Sable adventure! Sable himself will appear in MAGGIE THE CAT Volume Two.

Also, Grell is unleashing some great treats for his Legion of fans: 

  • A set of LEGION OF SUPERHEROES sketch cards!
  • An exclusive LEGION SKETCHBOOK containing never-before-seen art from his vast archives of commission pieces and rare gems. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are plans to make more major announcements during the Kickstarter campaign about other Grell creations and long-ranging future plans that will launch a full Grell Universe!



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