MAGGIE THE CAT Logline and Synopsis

This is a logline and synopsis I wrote for my screenplay, which is an expansion of the graphic novel story featured in my upcoming Kickstarter. Elements of the screenplay are being melded with the original comics to complete the storyline begun so long ago. Since then the world has changed and Maggie has changed along with it, becoming a far more complex and interesting character.
LOGLINE: The American widow of a philandering British nobleman turns cat burglar to steal back the family jewels and becomes a pawn in an international terror plot. Pressed into service by the SAS and teamed with a top British agent, she becomes the perfect clandestine operative – an outsider, deniable, expendable.

SYNOPSIS: When American model MARGARET LYONS married British Lord Geoffrey Greymalkin, she thought she would be living a fairy tale like Princess Grace.  Instead, she becomes tabloid fodder like Princess Diana after her cheating husband dies in a car wreck with his latest mistress. Hounded by the press, she is dubbed MAGGIE THE CAT.

All that remains of her husband’s once vast estate is Glenn Claymore, a ruined Scottish castle where Maggie lives alone, attended by ANGUS MACALLAN, an old reprobate with a shady past who plays butler, trainer and Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle, polishing her rough edges while honing her skills as a master thief.

Maggie sets out to steal back the expensive jewels her husband gave his many mistresses, but the British government gains evidence of Maggie’s illegal activities and blackmails her into working with the SAS. 

Maggie is teamed with deadly undercover asset RYAN JAMES, whose public profession as a stage actor allows him to be in “interesting” parts of the world without raising suspicion. As Maggie’s handler, he has his hands full trying to curtail her larcenous tendencies while directing her clandestine activities on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Their turbulent relationship is complicated by an underlying mutual attraction and resentment of the fact that it’s Ryan’s job to send Maggie into danger.

Maggie’s first assignment is to steal a priceless painting in an attempt to ferret out a terrorist mastermind before he can execute his final masterpiece of murder.

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