R.I.P. LEN WEIN 1948-2017

I can’t tell you how sad I am to learn that my old friend Len Wein passed away today. Len was best known as the creator of two of the most legendary characters in comics: SWAMPTHING and WOLVERINE. Although he was about a year younger than me, Len was already a seasoned pro by the time I broke into comics, Still, he always took time for a newcomer and was always encouraging whenever we spoke about my desire to branch out and write my own material. As the years went by and the industry became less and less centralized in New York, our meetings became fewer and farther between, but whenever we were appearing at a convention together, Len never failed to stop by and say hello. Moments treasured, moments gone.

The Bullpen is filling back up… it’s just relocated.

I’ll miss you, old friend, but save me a seat. I’ll be along eventually.

–Mike Grell

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