Somewhere back in the last century, a couple of my pals got together and formed The Semi-Deceased Artists of America. Cowboy cartoonist Boots Reynolds and Bonnie Shields, The Official Tennessee Mule Artist, said: “We’re tired of the dead guys like van Gogh and Picasso makin’ all the money.”

Membership qualifications were strict: you had to sign an affidavit attesting  to some chronic health condition (such as hangnail, athlete’s foot or dandruff) and swear that you did, indeed, fully expect to one day actually be dead. I was a charter member.

And now that I’m getting closer to my 70th birthday, I’ve decided to jump the gun and start cashing in early. As of 1 March, I will be raising my commission prices. The new rates will be posted on Anyone wishing to get on the list ahead of the price increase should contact my art rep Scott Kress before  it’s too late, because as soon as I’m actually dead, I’m doubling all my prices.

Can’t wait! I’m gonna clean up.


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