On a day when so much is happening, it’s possible most folks will overlook the passing of actor Miguel Ferrer (son of Academy Award winner José Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney and cousin to Actor George Clooney) who died at 61 this morning following a long battle with cancer. Not me.

I met Miguel just after he appeared in ROBOCOP and instantly liked him, especially when I told him I thought it was a star-making performance and he said he was initially disappointed at being cast as the main antagonist. “I was hoping I’d get to play the guy who got melted by toxic waste,” he said.

Funny guy.

And talented. Miguel appeared on CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” for seven seasons and starred in TWIN PEAKS, CROSSING JORDAN, TRAFFIC and IRON MAN 3 among many others, He also provided voices for a number of animated features and TV shows, such as MULAN and THE BATMAN You can look him up on IMDB for a full slate of his screen performances.

The night of Jack Kirby’s 70th birthday party at San Diego Comicon, we were at a table with Bill Mumy (LOST IN SPACE), artist Steve Leialoha and writer Max Allan Collins among others and the conversation turned to music. Somewhere along the line, the suggestion was made that they all get together and play, just for the hell of it. I said I was sure the con would love to have them do a show. The next year, SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT made their first of many appearances with Bill on guitar, Max on keyboard, Steve on bass and Miguel on drums.

I was telling that story just a few days ago, remembering the days when it was just fun to be part of a gang of friends who might only see each other once every few years, but who became part of each other’s lives and memories. Friends never forget.

God speed, Miguel.

2017 is off to a bitch of a start.

–Mike Grell

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