Brainpower Climbs USA Charts

Last spring I attended the Dutch Comicon in Utrecht, Netherlands where I had the great pleasure of meeting Gertjan Mulder, known in the music world as Brain Power. We hit it off immediately and struck up a friendship based on mutual admiration and a love for big hats. I was excited when King Brain asked me to draw the cover for his upcoming single “ALL THE SAME”.

His concept for the art was simple but difficult to accomplish: nine faces on a square grid, all different races but all inherently the same. We settled on the eyes being the focus, since, after, they really are the window to the soul. At first I was flattered, then challenged, then frustrated and, ultimately, just so proud to be part of this important message at a time when the world seems focused on what separates us rather than what unites us.

Follow the link below and be sure to scroll down to the animation – lyrics by Brain Power, music by Orange Grove and Brain Power, who also played keys on the track. The man is amazing.



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