Convention Updates [ADDED: Colorado Springs Aug 24-26]


  • Colorado Springs, CO
    August 24-26, 2018
    Comic Com

Mike Grell with Doug Jones at Fanboy Expo

I bumped into my pal Doug Jones at Knoxville Fanboy Expo this weekend. We only had a few minutes to chat and clown around before he had to fly off to shoot more episodes of his Star Trek series. 

Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting Doug should track him down at one of his personal appearances. You won’t be disappointed. 


Knoxville sketch

Mike Grell Original Art Commissions

Scott Kress at Catskill Comics is the exclusive agent for Mike Grell commissioned art. Fans looking for comic art originals or wishing to commission a special piece for their wall can contact Scott at:

Recent convention sketches [Mild nudity warning]

I thought folks might be interested to see some of my recent convention sketches. LAKOTA MEDICINE SHIELD was the result of a fan  requesting “any beautiful woman”. LA OF OPAR is going to be a painting someday. SHEENA was done for a pal in Australia and CHEEKY was just fun.

Of course, these are all sold but my commission list is open at






Down time

I had a bit of down time at Cherry Capital Comic Con…

— Mike

Caiden’s life changing moment

Happy is a choice.
Enjoy every moment,
Ann Troxel


Stan’s soapbox from 1967

A new father brought this around for an autograph because he wants it to hang in his son’s room. Personally, I think it should hang in every classroom.



(Margie in my hat)

“Call me Margie.”

That’s a hard G, as in Margot. As in Margot Kidder. And that’s how she introduced herself with a handshake that shook you to the bones and a smile that made you feel like she really wanted to be your friend.

I first met Margie six or seven years ago at a convention somewhere. We shared a booking agent and soon became part of a strange “family” that holds its reunions several times a year at various conventions around the world. I say family because with Margie in the mix, there was no such thing as a stranger for long.

She loved to talk and tell bawdy stories and never tired of fans who loved to hear about the weeks and months she spent dangling from a wire harness next to Christopher Reeve during the filming of SUPERMAN. I told her I had been a bit skeptical going into the theater, but by the end of the flying sequence where Superman takes Lois Lane for a night flight around Metropolis, I had fallen just a little bit in love. “I was up there so long, my crotch got numb,” she said.

One memorable afternoon, we convened to Margie’s hotel room to watch the hockey playoffs in which her team did not do well. That’s when I discovered exactly why Margie never watched the playoffs in the lobby bar – when her team was down, she had a mouth like a Marine drill sergeant. After once being asked to leave the hotel bar, the burger and pizza parties in Margie’s room became an annual tradition. I didn’t learn any new words, but I learned a few I didn’t know Margie knew.

She was an advocate and an activist who never backed down from a fight or a challenge. Warm, funny, brilliant and passionate about the people and causes she cared about.

People will always remember Margie as Lois Lane. Mary and I will always remember her as a sweet friend who left too soon.

Reports say Margot Kidder passed away peacefully in her sleep. I’ve always believed that, in our dreams, we remember how to fly. If I’m right, I’ll bet she’s off on one last flight with a guy in a red cape.

God speed, my friend.



CANCELLED: Bloomington, MN ComicCard convention

Unfortunately, I’m forced to cancel my appearance at the Bloomington, MN ComicCard convention tomorrow April 14, due to a severe storm in the area. Weather services are calling it a winter storm of “historic proportions”. I call it a real bummer.

Apologies to all my fans in the area. I look forward to doing the show another time.


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