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Email From A Fan: I just received my Mike Grell commission

Email From A Fan:

I just received my Mike Grell commission and shared it here and in along with a nice story about how I also dealt with the same health concerns.

Also, check the link to compare the recreation with the original cover.  I actually “remastered” the original cover myself in photoshop, that’s why it looks really clean. I did it from a 300dpi scan of the original artwork from the owner of the art them colored it digitally to match the original cover.  It was a ton of work, click the CAF link for comparisons with the original!

– Jovi Neri

“Here’s my first colored birthdate commission. Being born October 1977, my theme is for artists who worked on a comic with that cover date revisit his previous work. My list is wearing thin since artists from that era are either no longer with us, or not as active as they used to be.

“Mike Grell revived the GL/GA series from the lineage that involved Neal Adams. Grell is also responsible for making Green Arrow relevant with his work on The Longbow Hunters. He was the artist in the memorable issue #97 which featured a very dynamic cover.

“When he finally got to draw it, this was the result -very faithful to the original with only some minor changes. Having Grell do it in inks and watercolor was a treat though. It added a dimension to the art that would not have been possible in 1977.37 years later, I commissioned him through agent Scott Kress of Catskill Comics to re-imagine the cover he did. This one took a long time coming because Grell had a health scare having been hospitalized and stricken by cellulitis.

“The late arrival of the commission actually made it more special in a twisted way. I started watching the Arrow TV Series, and I could also relate with Grell’s bout with cellulitis as I also had to deal with that in 2013.

“More power to all the artists from the 1977 era who are still active today!”

Link to the commission on


To all my fans -

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes during my recent health problems. I’m on the mend and looking forward to seeing you on the convention circuit in the coming months. I appreciate all your support.

Best regards,



A bit less jiggety in my jig.

I was released from the hospital on Wednesday and have been sleeping a LOT, catching up on much needed rest. The leg is improving rapidly, about 50% ahead of last time, so hopeful for a swift recovery. Some things are going to have to change, but all will be for the best.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

God bless,



I’ve been in the hospital since my return from Pittsburgh COMICON. This is a recurrence of the cellulitis that hospitalized me last year. The good news is that there’s a new antibiotic that’s really doing a great job at speeding the healing process and I expect to be released in a couple of days. Hopefully the rest of the healing will continue at the same pace and I’ll be back on the old drawing board soon.

My apologies to the fans in Tyler, TX for my absence this coming weekend. God willing, I will be at Wizard World Tulsa for the rollout of CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 featuring my alternate cover.

You can check for updates on

Thanks for your support and prayers.



Onyx Sleeter as Green Arrow age 4

Mike Grell visits the ‘Saturday Night Cigar Lounge’ show

“… Hear Taylor’s conversation with author and artist Mike Grell. How cool of a guy is he? He served as a staff sergeant in the Air Force during Vietnam, has hunted in both Wisconsin and Africa, and also redefined the Green Arrow character during the 1980s. Enjoy Arrow? You can thank Mike for the costume because it’s based on his design from his run. We’ll talk Green Arrow, plus Jon Sable: Freelance. Taylor had so much fun talking to Mike, he forgot to mention guns! Oh well, it’s an excuse to have him back on the show.”



Cologne, Germany from Sven

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Breda, Netherlands with Milena

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